Telephone & online counselling for Farmers, Rural & Northern Manitobans.


Chat Support Line

Our Chat Support Line allows you to connect with a counsellor in ‘real time’. Using the confidential chat (IM) program, you can talk privately with one of our counsellors during our hours of operation. Just log on and begin chatting with us.


What is the Chat Support Line? Its a safe place to discuss things that may be difficult to talk about anywhere else. Our counselors are here to listen and support you, and help you find ways to get through this difficult time.

Who is it for? The Chat Support Line is for anyone (in Manitoba Canada) who is going through a hard time and needs a safe place to talk. All ages and backgrounds can access our Chat service.

What we do on the Chat Support Line:
- Listen to what is going on with you today;
- Support you in a non-judgmental way;
- Help you explore your feelings, thoughts and options;
- Ask you questions about suicide, and let you know its ok to talk about suicide;
- Explore positive next steps and actions.

What we don't do on the Chat Support Line:
- Give advice.
- Solve your problems.
- Judge or criticize.
- Chitchat

Chat Etiquette:
- Use a computer with a strong internet connection
- Use respectful language
- Stay focused on the chat and respond promptly
- Limit multi-tasking (like chatting with friends, going on Facebook, playing video games, etc.) while chatting with us.
- If you need to step away from the chat for a moment, please let us know or end the chat and come back when you have more time.

Hours of operation: We are open Mon. to Fri. 10 AM to 9 PM. However, there may be times when the service is unavailable or counsellors are busy with other calls or chats. Please try again or, if you need immediate assistance, call 9-1-1